Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st

Pretty sure this bed was made for just one toddler, but Jimmy is pretty sure that he's the "one"it was made for.
I put it together, she's not been out it since!!
Casey decided to color underneath the chair today??! She didn't make a mess, just wanted a nice quiet spot I guess??!

Jim -- he doesn't get his picture taken too often these here he is!

Love when I find her watching TV like this!

Oh my goodness...

Casey and Elmo are ready for church.

So stinking cute!

Hi All:

Just a quick update. We had a nice weekend down here. Still a little on the cool side and Casey has had the sniffles or she's cutting another 2 year molar, so we didn't do much outside. Saturday was kind of a catch up day around the house and Sunday was church and then brunch. Today I finally cleaned up the spare room from when my parents were here and when I finished I decided to put together Casey's toddler bed in there. WELL, I got it all together, put sheets, blankies and pillows on it---all under her watchful eye...she climbed in and looked at me and said, "I LOVE IT!!!" She did not want to come back downstairs and has been up and down several times since then. In fact she's headed up there right now and I asked her what she's doing and she said, "taking a nap". TOO funny! Hope when we finally make the big switch she is just as excited!

Another good one...when I was getting her ready for church yesterday I was putting on her stockings and I said, "Now you look just like a little lady"...and she said, "No." So I said, "like a little woman?" and again, "No." So I tried again, "Like a big girl?" again, "No." I asked her what did she look like and she said, "Casey Kilian." ha ha ha!!!

Well, enjoy the pictures. Hope you are all doing well and Happy March!!!


Katie, Kyle, Casey, and Jimmy!

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