Friday, May 30, 2008

8 weeks...

At her first Memorial Day picnic at Abby's house! (This was one of the few times that she catnapped that day.) She didn't want to miss any of the party!!!
Loving the Exersaucer playmat!!!
Movie Star!!!
First tummy nap, I watched her the whole time!!!


Well, we are almost at the two month mark. I can't even believe it. Casey is doing very well. Since we have started her on the Xantac for reflux, Kyle and I both feel that she is having much easier evenings. She is still a little fussy, but NOTHING like what we were seeing. She's also sleeping longer and longer streches at night. YAY!!!

We had her pictures taken at Sears this past Tuesday and they came out gorgeous. If you want to see the proofs, e-mail me and I'll give you the log on information. She smiled and performed very well for the photographer, I was so impressed with her!!!

Last night we had a visit from our friends Kate, Erik and Carolyn. Casey was a very good baby during their visit (over dinner hours, no less!!!)

We are headed home to PA this weekend for her baptism, so it will be nice to visit family and friends again up there!

Enjoy these pictures!!!

Katie, Kyle and Casey

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Casey - 7 weeks!

Tummy Time!!!
Jimmy!!! You silly dog!
Hanging out...
Passed out...

Hi everyone,

All is well here in Virginia. Casey is doing great, we had our 2-month check up yesterday. She weighed 12 lbs and was 23 inches long!!! She's growing like a weed. Everything looked great, but she started taking Xantac for reflux. Our doctor seemed to think that some of the rough patches we were hitting at night could be a little infant reflux. We started her on that last night (she takes it twice a day), but since she got her shots yesterday, she was a little fussy anyway and we didn't notice too much of a difference.

She continues to have great days with mommy. She is enjoying tummy time more and more as she can really hold her head up. She is also a very good cuddler when she's not upset! Also, some other big news is that two nights this past week, she slept for four and a half hours at a time! Mommy and Daddy were both thrilled!!!

Hope you enjoy the updated pictures. Happy Memorial Day weekend...let the summer fun begin.


Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy six weeks :)

In her crib staring at the ladybugs :)
How funny are these ladybugs???
Wow...I could just stare all day :)
What is that guy singing about???

Hi All:
Today, Casey is six weeks old. Can you believe it??!!

All is well. We are working on a nighttime schedule, so that she gets used to sleeping more in her bassinet between the hours of 8pm and 12am in hopes that she'll start fussing less and sleeping more. It worked well Wednesday night, but not so much last night.

Casey is very obviously seeing better these days. She discovered the TV yesterday and is just hilarious watching it. She just smiles and coos and laughs! It is so cute!!! We also took a walk yesterday in her stroller and faced forward and she stayed awake for the whole walk and just watched everything!!! Her other favorite place is in her crib staring at her ladybug mobile.

Enjoy these pics of her discovering the world around her!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Casey - Five and a half weeks!

Hi all~~
We had such a fun trip to PA this past weekend. It was great to see all of you who stopped in at the Getz's and Kilian's. Casey, Kyle, Jimmy and I were exhausted at the end of the weekend, but it was a good exhaustion. We can't wait to visit with you all again.
Two exciting updates:
1 - Casey took a bath yesterday morning and did not cry the entire time :) In fact, she cooed and seemed to enjoy it...even when I washed her hair!!!

2 - She seems to be settling into a routine of sleeping for almost 3 hours at time now at night in between feedings which is a welcome change for me :) :)

That's about it. Today we plan to go for groceries and to, fun!

Hope you are all well and enjoy the pictures!


Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Casey is ONE month old!!!

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it? She's already one month old. All is well down here. For those of you who didn't know, Casey and I made a surprise visit to PA this past Sunday-Tuesday. We surprised my Nana Getz and my dad. My sister drove us home and Kyle's aunt drove us back. It was a fun visit surprising everyone and we got to visit a few other friends and family members, too. I will post pictures of that trip soon. Here are two pictures. One is from today. Casey and I are out on the patio--I'm working on thank you's and birth announcements and she's hanging out in her swing. The other is Kyle's baby picture. What do you think???
Talk soon~

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim