Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23 - part 2

Sometimes she sucks her thumb!
All bright eyed and ready to go pick up Casey at preschool!

Forgot to add these two pictures!!

October 23

On top of the hay stack at Lowcountry Produce Pumpkin Patch!
So much fun!!!

Kendall slept through our entire pumpkin patch trip!
Which pumpkin to choose?

Casey went for a ride on Dakota the pony!

Checking out all the animals. It was really exciting for her because she had just spent the whole month of September learning all about barnyard animals at preschool!

Dancing with her "robot" feet!?!??!

Casey on picture day at school!

Asleep and pondering when she should wake up again...

Her best "forgettaboutit" pose!!!
Hi All~~

We are doing well down here! Casey is doing great at preschool. This month they are learning about fall -- pumpkins, leaves, squirrels collecting food for the winter, etc. She loves to imitate her teacher and read to us! She cracks us up with her stories, etc. She is getting very excited for Halloween. She loves to look at the neighbors' "spooky" decorations. We even bought a giant, hairy spider to put on our porch after she couldn't get enough of the other ones we'd seen in the neighborhood!
Kendall is growing like a weed. I weighed her yesterday (6 weeks old) and she weighed 10.5 lbs! She varies with her sleep patterns. Somedays it seems like she sleeps all day long and other days she is up looking around much more. She started to get into a bit of a pattern where she'd sleep from about 1130pm-3am, but it was short lived and now she's all over the place with when she'll wake to eat. Last night I was up with her from 1230am-230am when she finally gave in to sleep...and she was up again by 315 for a feeding. Thankfully she went back to sleep until 7am! Kyle and I have it down to a pretty good routine with helping each other get as much sleep as possible...thank goodness! And we both thank GOD for caffeine and our new Keurig coffee maker! (That was my new baby gift from Kyle and what a great choice it was!!!) ha ha!
So Kyle and I are doing well. Kyle is VERY busy at work, but with all our visitors he's still found some time to get out and fish--and they've had some great days out on the water. I am enjoying being busy with two girls and getting back into shape a bit. Casey is starting to understand that sometimes when we go for a walk she needs to stay in the stroller so mommy can walk fast and get her exercise! We've also been trying to do more outdoor activities on days that there is no school (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)--we've been meeting up with friends at playgrounds in the area which has been a blast for Casey and nice for me, too--lots of fresh air means a good afternoon nap for an active toddler!!!!
Well...hope you all are great and we'll post some Halloween pictures soon~~~
Heather and Payton arrive this afternoon for the week, I'm sure we'll have some great pictures from this week, too!
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12

Hi All~~
A few new pictures of the girls and our family! We've been doing well down here. Casey is loving her little sister and going to school. She is getting very excited for trick or treat...and Christmas, too! Ha ha!
Kendall is growing fast. She is starting to see things better and better and it's neat to watch her focus in on things and be 'amazed' by toys, etc!
Hope you are all well and enjoy the pictures!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy
Kendall waving "Hi"

Little smile while she sleeps!

Look at that hair! Ha!

Sacked out...

Casey "feeding" her eagle.

Sisterly love!

Tummy time!


Totally overacting at seeing the b'day cake!
Kendall with her Grandma and Aunt Dit!
Kendall and Dit

The Kilian Family!

Making a wish!

Casey Sings her ABC's!