Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi Everyone...

Three quick updates~~

1. Had my 16 week appointment today and heard Baby K's heartbeat again today...nothing like it in the world! We are all scheduled for the BIG ultrasound on 4/27...then we'll know if it's a baby brother or a baby sister!

2. Have to share this story. On our way home from Parris Island today (Casey was there for the morning while I had my appt and then a hair appt and then went b'day shopping for her)...she fell asleep. However, she wasn't totally out yet, because a song came on the radio that she loves (Miley Cyrus--Party in the USA) and at one point in the song Miley says, "...hands up, there playing my song..." and I see Casey's hands fly into the air and she starts bopping from side to side---but her eyes are shut and and head is still all was soooo funny. It lasted about 15 seconds and then she was out again! Love her...

3. One more Casey story. Last night when we were getting ready for our dinner out at Chick Fil-A...we headed out to the car and Casey ran out into the alley. I firmly told her NO and then we had a talk about being safe and how it would hurt really bad if she ever got hit by a car, etc., etc... Well, Casey is constantly asking, "WHY" these days and when I was done w/my lecture on safety, she says.........."WHY" I say, "Because I love you..." and she says back, "So much."

Hope you are all well!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jimmy

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