Saturday, February 27, 2010

February part 3

Concentrating so hard on her Play Dough
She LOVES this stuff!

I really think she'd do it for hours and hours!!!

Hi All...

Not too much new down here. Had a busy week with volunteering, shopping, and playdates. I'm pooped and wish my weekend was going to consist of just laying around...but think I'll be doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc! FUN!

Tomorrow we have church and then Casey and I are having brunch with two ladies in our church who are originally from Nazareth and grew up at St. John's UCC! Small world! Kyle plans to work on the boat when he is not working this weekend...hopefully it'll all be repainted soon and then we can post the before and after pics!

Enjoy the pics and hopefully the videos will upload, too! (They are below the post...just click on the middle of them to watch!) One is of Casey "ice skating" along with the Olympics. She really LOVED the ice skating. Unfortunately this video is only a quick take of what she would do...sometimes she really got into it!!! The other video is of her dancing and dancing and dancing. I apologize for her brief Britney Spears impersonation when she comes out of her second "split"'ll hear me tell her to get up real quickly! Ha ha! She's a piece of work!

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jimmy

Monday, February 22, 2010

February part 2

Meet the newest member of the Kilian Family...

Here he/she #2! (Or as Casey refers to the baby...Payton-who is my sister's baby)
We had our first dr. appt. today and the baby not moving around a whole bunch, but we did see he/she wave his/her hands around. We also saw and heard the heartbeat. The doctor said everything looks great. I'm about 11 weeks and due on 9/14/10!
Hope all is well with you and and more updates soon!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Jimmy, and Baby 2

Monday, February 15, 2010


We told her it was bedtime and time to clean up...she said she wanted to sleep in her toybox.
Kissing the fishies goodbye at the Ripley's Aquarium at Myrtle Beach.

Wanting mommy to touch the crabs...she was a little scared, but kept wanting to go back and see them again and again.

Checking out what it swimming above her!

Making some very important business calls...
MOM! I'm trying to get some privacy down here!!!


Trying on mommy's shoes and caught this picture in the middle in the of her falling...

Running down the street (with daddy right behind her on a windy day).

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's been so long again. Here are some highlights of the past few weeks:

1. Our fish bowl had it's first casualty. "Spiderman" the fish decided he'd like to go back to the ocean. Casey was fortunate enough to still be sleeping the morning that I found little Spiderman doing the backstroke, so now when she talks about him she says he's back in the ocean with his friends.

2. Kyle is in the process of painting his boat. He's finished sanding it and has ordered the new we are waiting for the weather to warm up so he can actually paint the boat. Pictures when that finally happens!!!

3. We found a great church down here (Sea Island Presbyterian) and Casey and I joined 2 weekends ago. Kyle plans to join as well (hopefully the next time he attends with us). It is a great church, we love the pastors, and everyone is so welcoming. Casey really loves going to nursery, too. Even better, there is a preschool there and Casey will start going 2 days a week in the fall! When we went for our "tour" she cried when we had to leave! Hope she feels that way in September!

4. We spent this past weekend up in Myrtle Beach with the Kilian's and the Genther's. Kyle, Casey, Jim and I drove up on Friday night and woke up on Saturday expecting just the Genther's to join us, but were surprised to have Kyle's parents walk in the door, too! We had a great weekend with them...they watched Casey so Kyle and I could have a night out on Saturday, we did some shopping, took Casey to the Ripley's Aquarium, and watched the marathon Daytona 500 on Sunday, too. We got back to Beaufort just this afternoon...and the Getz's (my parents) will be arriving early Thursday morning.

5. And the biggest news of all....(guess this one kind of goes with the last one in a way)...we had SNOW in South Carolina over the weekend! In North Myrtle Beach we had about 3 inches or so...guess Beaufort got a dusting...the nicest part of it all was that is snowed overnight on Friday and by noon on Saturday the roads were dry!

Well...hope all is well with everyone else and I hope to post again much sooner than before!!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, and Jim