Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22

Oh how life has changed in four years! Four years ago today, Kyle and I were married! And today, I was awakened by Casey yelling, "The sun shines bright Mommy, I'm ready for my breakwiss!!!" Then I took both girls grocery shopping with me! No small feat! Fun, fun, fun!
All is well down here, we've been very busy getting ready for Christmas. Shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, singing, etc. We've been to see Santa a bunch of times!!! Can't wait to see that face (Casey's) on Christmas morning! We are planning to head to PA on Sunday (the 26th) and drive overnight--arriving on the 27th in the morning. Hope the weather won't delay us!
Kendall is doing great, she's sleeping in her own room now and she generally goes down around 10 or 11, sleeps until 4, wakes for a bottle and goes right back down within 20 minutes and then sleeps until around 830! It's been great! She's JUST starting to try and roll over, loves to talk and smile, loves taking baths, and HATES being on her belly. I'm kind of anxious to see what happens when she actually rolls over from her back and ends up on her belly!!!
Enjoy these pictures from the past few weeks and hope to see you soon!!!
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy

Casey and her friend McKenzie at Chick Fil A to visit with Santa!
Casey and Kendall visit with Santa at Bass Pro!

The girls with Santa (Kendall's first time!)
Awww...Casey's making sure her little sister is OKAY!

Note the added icicles!!!
Casey and Jake waiting for dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

Getting ready to take Casey to school!

Happy Baby!

So sweet!

Coloring in her Cinderella dress!
Hanging out!

Trying to roll over!

Casey can't eat her lunch in peace with Jimmy hovering!

...and here is a video of Kendall laughing!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 4

Casey with Santa at Chick Fil A! She was not afraid at all this year, marched right up to him and told him she wanted the Wizard of Oz Movie!
Sitting with Daddy at the Batallion Christmas Party
Waiting to see Santa
Ring her bell to get Santa to come!
Listening to the reading of The Polar Express before Santa came...
Daddy and Kendall at the party...
she stayed awake the whole time we were there to hang out and interact with everyone!
Getting ready to go to the party! So sweet!

Casey and I went to Chick Fil A yesterday morning for breakfast with Santa!

Exterior Illumination...we have since added to follow!

The chaos of taking the Christmas card photo...

The was actually the best of the bunch! Look for yours in the mail soon!!

We had a hard time getting Kendall awake for her picture!!!
Halls are decked!

Tree completed--we have sinced moved it! ha ha ha!

Casey put the star on top!

Grandma and Pappy get to listen to Kyle and I "discuss" our tree decorating strategies...ha!


She did great!!!!

Carving our deep fried turkey! YUM!
I think she wished she could've had some dinner with us!

Turkey's done!

IT was this warm down here on Thanksgiving!!!
Decor--thanks to the Kilian's for my pretty flowers! They still look beautiful today!

This is what I did when getting our sweet potatoes ready. A quick trip to the ER for some dermabond and I was good as new!!

The girls watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!!!
Casey learned to kick like a Rockette!

My loves!

Hi All~~

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and you are well into preparing for the Christmas season. We had a nice Thanksgiving. Kyle's parents were here with us. We deep fried our first turkey and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I ended up with a nasty cut to my left index finger--went to the ER thinking I may need stitches but got away with a little Dermabond. I was more sore from my tetanus shot the next day! Those sweet potatoes were certainly worth it, though!

We decorated for Christmas the days following Thanksgiving. We put up Kyle's parents artificial tree this year and it looks fantastic! Casey really enjoyed helping to decorate this year. She is having so much fun getting all ready for Christmas. We've started a chain to help her grasp how long it will actually be until Christmas. We also felt it was important this year to help her understand WHY we really celebrate Christmas, so we've been talking a lot about Baby Jesus and his birthday. It's helped that they also reinforce this at her preschool!
Kendall is such a doll. She is really talking and smiling a lot and trying to sit up. She LOVES interacting with the world around her. She's sleeping better and better, it seems like just yesterday that we were getting up all night long with her and now it's usually just once a night with a bedtime between 10/11pm.
We hope to see you all when we come up to PA from 12/27-1/3! My parents are hosting an open house on New Years Eve Day starting at 2pm....stop by!!!
Love you all,
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy

Check out this little sweetie-pie!