Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31st

Hi all~~
Not too much new going on down here. Just wanted to post some pictures from Casey's first day of preschool! All went well! Hope she's just as excited to get up and go again on Thursday!
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Kendall, and Jim

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22nd

Smiles =)

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Kyle's scotch =)
Happy 33rd!

9 months =)

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
6 years old!

Little sister, big brother...waiting for their newest sibling =)
Hi everyone~~~
We had a fun week of celebrating the "boys" birthdays. Kyle's on Tuesday and Jimmy's on Saturday. Both got their requested meals and "desserts". And presents, of course!!! We got to visit with the girl I co-taught with, Jen - when we lived in Virginia and her boyfriend, Mike - on Saturday night. We met up with them in Savannah for dinner. It was a really fun night and Casey had a lot of fun eating and then hanging out coloring, running around, etc. in the lobby of a hotel/bar area! Yes, we had our baby in a bar...ha ha!
Oh and the big news of the week, if you hadn't already heard, Heather's 2nd scan came back clear!!!!
Not too much else new. We hope you are all well and we'll post more soon~~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Kendall, and Jimmy

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16

Hi everyone,
So we hung the pictures in Kendall's room tonight and I took pictures in both girls rooms...Casey now has her "big girl" room. It's as neat as I usually can get it in the pictures. She LOVES her stuffed animals and dolls...there are about 20 she NEEDS to have in bed with her at night...you'll see as you page down.
We are really happy with the way Kendall's room turned out. I wasn't too sure how it would be to decorate a nursery around brown walls (as we really didn't want to repaint in a rental home)...but think it looks pretty great! Hope Kendall likes it!
Not too much else new here. Kyle had a really nice trip up to Myrtle Beach this past weekend and Casey and I missed him, but did lots of fun stuff, too! I took Casey to her first movie on Saturday. We saw Cats and Dogs in 3D. Casey did really well, we made it a little over and hour into the movie and she was hungry and didn't want to wait the extra 10-15 minutes for the movie to be over, so we left early! She's talked about it a lot and will tell you it was dark and loud, that the cat was mean and bad, and it was funny that the animals were talking.
Well, enjoy the pics and talk soon~

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Kendall, and Jimmy

Casey's bed w/all her friends...
Book shelf
Toys =)

Bigger view of the room

What her bed usually looks like--a mess of animals, dolls, and books...

Baby Kendall's closet
The crib and wall hangings...

Changing table and wall hangings...


Another view of crib area and rocker...

View from the entrance of the room...

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13

Yelling at me to stop taking her picture.
Trying to chase me away.
Now she's happy=)

Steaming hot!

Seriously, my lense was fogged up it was so humid!


Casey dancing~~~
Hi everyone!

Not too much new here. We are still enduring some pretty high heat and humidity. Maybe next month will bring us some relief (and a new addition!)
I'm feeling well, just really tired some days. Casey is doing great. We finished her back to school shopping yesterday. She's so excited. Kyle is doing well, too. He is up in Myrtle Beach this weekend with some of his buddy's from law school.
Enjoy the pictures and videos and we'll be in touch soon!!
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Kendall, and Jim

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1

Stopping for a quick drink and snack break during an afternoon of swimming.
Casey and Jake walking back from the pool.

Sooooo cute. We had them hold hands to slow them down a little, but if you could've seen them trying to figure out how to actually grab each others hands and start walking together...it was too funny!!!
Baby Kendall's bed =)
Another angle. Just waiting on a few more pieces and we should be able to share pictures of the completed nursery!

Casey and Daddy playing on the floor in Baby Kendall's room.

Casey really enjoys her sister's new playmat!

8 months!
And a front view, woo-hoo!
Love that she still falls asleep like this in the car...this was after church today!

Hi all~~

Not too much new here. Just wanted to share a few pictures. I had my 32 week doctor appointment this week and all went well. I go again at 35 weeks and then I'll go weekly after that!
Casey is doing great. She 'met' one of her preschool teachers today at church. I wrote 'met' because Ms. Jessi has always been in the nursery on Sundays but I never knew her name (bad mommy). So when I took Casey in today after children's sermon, Ms. Jessi introduced herself as one of Casey's teachers and said that she requested to have Casey in her class this year because she enjoys her in the nursery so much! Awww =) I'm really excited about this also, because I think it will be great for Casey to have a familiar face in the room at the start of the year. She was VERY concerned when we pulled into church today that we didn't bring her glue sticks along (one of the only supplies we've purchased on her back to school list!!) ha ha ha!
Kyle's been busy as usual at work. He is heading out fishing this afternoon with his friend Charlie. I don't know how they do it in this heat and humidity. I'd want to keep jumping in the water!
Well, hope to post again soon~~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Kendall, and Jim