Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th

Last night of swim class!
Casey has the ball!!!


I can pedal my bike now...but I'm still not so great at steering!
Painting a masterpiece!


Hi all~~~
Things are good here in Beaufort. Not too much new going on. We just finished up our last night of swim class last night. Casey is learning a lot and really enjoying swimming. She's pretty much doggy paddling on her own with her water wings on. She's wants to do EVERYTHING on her own right now...go potty, wash her hands, buckle her seat belt, etc. She's a piece of work!!!
I'm feeling pretty good...Jimmy's still got a cough now and again from his bout with kennel cough...and Kyle's only got two weeks left at 2d Battalion until he moves over to Support Bn.
We are pretty sure we are going to be putting our condo on the market within the week. We are hopeful that the HAP program (gov't program for active duty military that works similarly to a short sale with the gov't acting as the bank...) we will sell and have to put minimal money down out of our pocket...maybe none at all!!! If we can get rid of that mortgage with virtually unscathed, we'd be thrilled!!!

We'll keep you posted on us...hoping to head to Myrtle Beach this weekend!

Happy Memorial Day all!!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Sister, and Jim

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19

Dyllan, Casey, and Payton.

So big!

At Tasha and John's wedding

The bride and groom!
Walking down the aisle! SO pretty!

Little traveler!

She LOVED pulling her own bag!

HI all~

Just a quick update. All is well here. We just got back from what was probably our last visit to PA until the holidays. It was a nice trip, went too quickly! We had pictures of the three Getz grandchildren together which was really fun, we went to my friend from high school (Natasha Heard's) wedding, and we were home to celebrate Payton's first birthday with her.

Now we are back to the day to day down here. I had a dr. appt for baby K today that went well. Heartbeat sounded great and all else was well. Jimmy has kennel cough from his trip to the kennel. We were at the vet for him after my appt and he is on cough medicince and antibiotics. Poor boy. Casey was back to swim class last night and she loves swimming more than ever. She really does well. Hoping Kyle will get to come with us next Thursday and take some pictures!

OK...well hope you enjoy the pictures and talk soon~

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby K, and Jim

Monday, May 10, 2010


Here SHE my favorite picture of the day! Her perfect profile, little hand above her head, and in the far left of the picture is her knee--she was all tucked up!
Top picture in this group is of her profile...and bottom is also her profile, with her mouth open wide and her little hands flapping around!

Top picture in this group is her big foot (3.2 cm long!!) and bottom shot...well, that's what told us she was, in fact, a she. Those 3 lines tell it all!

Mother's Day outing to Old Sheldon Church ruins...Casey and Kyle pump some water!
Casey...not too excited to get her picture taken!

"Inside" of the church

Approaching the pretty.

Closer view of the whole church

Casey...she later told us this was a castle...We then talked about weddings being held there, etc. We asked her who she's marrying...her answer, "Prince Charming".

Mean girl. ha ha!

Hope everyone is well!
Found out today that baby sister is really baby sister! So excited! Baby looked great. She weighed 13 oz. and had a heartbeat of 143...
I had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Kyle and Casey took me to breakfast, then to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins (about 20 minutes from here). It was breezy and beautiful...a perfect day for pictures and exploring. Then we got home and I went the pool for awhile (ALONE!!!!) Kyle made a delicious steak dinner and it was a very relaxing day. Now -- to pack and get ready for our trip up to PA tomorrow!

Hope to see some of you soon~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Sister, and Jimmy

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2

5 months pregnant!
Digging in the new sandbox!
Happy to have sand in my backyard!

Buckets and buckets of water!

More buckets of water!

Trying not to spill!

Walking w/my daddy!

In the strawberry field!

Ready to pick--she actually did a GREAT job!

She always wants to play her "game" -- Memory, but the cards end up scattered around the room...I guess she thought reading over the directions might help her understand the game and its' rules a little better. Ha ha ha!

Hi all,

Just a quick post. Here are a few pictures from this past weekend (Friday-Sunday). We went strawberry picking on Friday. No pictures from Saturday...Casey and I went shopping down at the outlets in Bluffton and Kyle went out fishing with his first mate, Jimmy. Casey and I were more successful in our trip. We actually brought things home from our trip. Kyle and Jimmy did not -- but they had a good day, too!

Today we went to Hunting Island for the day. It was WONDERFUL. The weather was perfect, warm and breezy. The water was cool, but not too cold. And Casey did great at the beach. She knows her limits way better than last summer so Kyle and I could sit by the waters edge and watch her run through the surf and come right back with buckets of water. It was sooo nice...she had a blast. Then we came home and finally got her new sandbox from Grandma and Pappy Kilian up and running. She was thrilled to have more sand to play in!

Right now, we are sitting in front of the TV watching the first Phillies game of the season that has been broadcast down here! Woo hoo...don't think we'll make the end of it, but still fun to watch. We were just drooling over pictures of Philly Cheesesteaks. (leave it to the pregnant lady to get hungry over cheesesteaks at 9pm). Speaking of pregnant, the first official picture we've taken of me and new baby K is posted. I showered after we came home today--but didn't do much else w/myself, so ignore my lack of makeup and messy hair. Was just trying to get the belly shot!

Take care all~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby K, and Jim