Monday, March 29, 2010

End of March

Guess who???
Just thrilled!!
Make a wish!
The cake...

Opening gifts...
The birthday girl!
So excited for the party to start!
All ready to go!
The Amazing Spiderman has arrived at the Kilian's!

First ponytail!

So sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I've hardly taken pictures this month either...with one exception, yesterday was the heavily anticipated birthday party--the SPIDERMAN party for Casey. What a blast. She was so excited. Even jumping around when she got up from her nap and saw all of her decorations saying, "I so happy, I so happy!" Priceless.

All is well in SC. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for 16 week check up and should get my referral for my big ultrasound. Feeling better these days, but still tired...

Casey is really starting to talk more and more like a big girl, using short sentences and stringing more words cool. She LOVES to play outside and with her neighbors (who are big kids)...she's all signed up for swim lessons in May. When we went up to see my sister and family last week she LOVED her airplane rides and was a VERY good little traveler. People kept complimenting her and saying she must fly often--nope, just enjoying travel like her mom and dad!

Kyle is ALMOST done w/the more coat of paint and it should be complete. It is really starting to get warm down here and he's hoping to take a longer lunch break one day this week to finish it up.

Our trip home last week was bittersweet, it is always nice to see family, but stinks that it was under the circumstances that one of us is not in the best of health. Thanks for all of your prayers and kind thoughts -- they really help to sustain us all through the rough parts of our lives. We couldn't believe how well Payton gets around these days...much to Casey's dismay--Payton now takes toys away from her and the two of them had some issues w/sharing for the first of I'm sure many more times. And little Dyllan--well, really not so little, but what a sweetie-pie!

Well, enjoy the pictures and we'll hope to see many of you in April. Casey and I will be home from about 4/13-4/18 or so.
Katie, Kyle, Casey, and Jim

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The Getz's said...

We loved the Spiderman party photos. Casey looks like she's having a blast. We are looking forward to seeing you again next month. Uncle Joey says he'll play lots of hide-n-seek!