Monday, June 30, 2008

12 weeks...

Hi Everyone,

Here's a few pics of the little one. She's doing very well, even with all of the recent changes in her life. She's growing, sleeping, laughing and eating. She's getting very close to rolling over from back to belly. She's very strong. She's holding her head up very well and loves to be held on your knee looking out at everyone. I'm enjoying every minute of loving her to pieces. I hope you are all doing well. We hope to see you soon~

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jimmy

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving :) :)

View from master bedroom balcony
Front of house

Hi Everyone,

Because it seems like we can't ever have a dull moment in our lives, we have decided to move. We found out yesterday that our insurance will only cover two more weeks of hotel/short term housing bills. The contractor working on our current rental home has not even started work and was quoted as saying it was a four month job but he could probably get it done in 90 days. We just can't wait around in limbo that long. So we found this house on the western shores of Maryland in a little town called Shady Side. The house is right on the bay. We have a boat slip and magnificent views. The home is immaculate and we will probably never have an opportunity to live somewhere like this again. Our actual move in date is 7/15. We will begin taking some of our things from storage over sooner than that...we are excited, but the whole moving process is always bittersweet. Especially when it is something you hadn't planned on. But everything happens for a reason. Please come and visit soon. Enjoy these few pictures :)

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

Thursday, June 19, 2008

11 weeks!

Hi All...

Thanks for your kind e-mails and words of encouragement. Kyle and I still don't know much about where we'll be living ... as of right now I'm still in PA with the baby and the dog and he's at a Residence Inn in Falls Church. The tree was removed from our house and property. We are still waiting on insurance/contractors to estimate how long construction will take. We plan to begin looking at new rentals this weekend.

Anyway, Casey is doing very well all things considered. She's just a doll. Here are some pictures from last weekend at the pool. She didn't mind the pool much. She cried at first, but then relaxed and enjoyed it. She got to meet Owen Gearhart (Amy Schoeneberger-Gearhart's son). We were so excited to meet him :)

Hope to send pics of where we will be living soon~~he he!

Take care~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give everyone an update. Yesterday afternoon we had a pretty bad thunderstorm. A huge tree was uprooted in the church play yard directly behind our house which knocked another tree on to our roof. The tree was enormous and came through the roof landing mainly in the bathroom and part of my closet in our bedroom.
When I heard there we storms coming, I took the baby and Jimmy down in the basement with me. I heard a huge crash on our house and hoped for the best. However, I soon head rainwater dripping and went to the kitchen to find the ceiling leaking. I looked up the stairs to the second floor and saw the whole bathroom celing caved in. I immediately took the dog and the baby to our neighbors. I called Kyle and 911.
Basically we have a gaping hole in the roof over the bedroom and bathroom. Our house was deemed unihabitable by the county inspector. Nothing in the baby's room or our guest room was ruined. The dining room and living room are seemingly ok. The kitchen has major water damage to the ceiling, which in turn was leaking down into the basement rec-room. The firefighters (who were incredibly helpful and so nice) carried all of our dresser drawers downstairs for us and packed up our closets, too.
Long story short, Casey, Jimmy and I are all at my parents in PA. They came down last night and we packed up a bunch of things and got home at 2AM last night. Kyle is still down in VA waiting to hear from the insurance adjustors so we can hopefully get the ball rolling to have the tree removed and find out how long it will take to get the house back to where someone can live in it. We are already thinking that we may begin the search for a new rental property in the area. We'll see.
The main thing is that we are all safe and the only things (and I stress that they are only things) that we lost are our bed, the baby's pack and play and probably our dressers and some clothes.
If you need to get a hold of us, use our cell phones for now. Or send me an e-mail at

Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 weeks tomorrow!

Riding around half naked at the mall in Rocky Mount, NC

First time in my swimming suit!
Resting after a long afternoon of swimming!

Don't I look so pretty in this dress??!!!

Hi Everyone...
Hope you all made it through this heatwave unfazed. Casey and I certainly have a good story to share. Last Friday morning we got up and got on the road to Myrtle Beach. The first 3 hours of the trip was very pleasant. The baby slept and Aunt Marilyn and I got to catch up. Right around 3 hours into the trip, Marilyn (who had mentioned earlier that she was warm) discovered that the A/C on her 2007 Town and Country minivan was not working. I quickly jumped to the backseat and discovered that Casey didn't have any A/C in the back either. We stopped at a gas station and tried to find a nearby Chrysler dealership to take the van to and have it checked out. The closest available dealership was close to an hour away in Rocky Mount, NC. We plugged along on I-95 with no A/C. The baby was stripped down to her diaper and I kept wiping her down with a wet burp cloth. She thought it was great fun. Marilyn and I kept praying that we'd get it to the dealership, they'd have a quick fix and we'd be on our way to Myrtle. Well, after a little more than 2 hours in this dealership, they told us it needed a whole new compressor, etc and they couldn't get the parts in until Tuesday. We talked it over a few minutes and decided our best option was to spend some time in the Rocky Mount Mall (not like any mall I've ever been to before) and hit the road again back to Virginia when the sun started to set. We had a fun shopping trip...did some major damage at Ross (thanks again, Dit!!!) and headed back to Falls Church. We tried to stop at a McDonald's for some ice cream on our way back and lo and behold, the McDonald's we chose had a broken ice cream machine...what are the chances??!!! We finally made it back to VA around 11:15, sweaty, but in one piece and with our good humor still intact. What a story we'll have to share with Casey in the future.
Other than that...things were quiet this week. Casey discovered she can pull my hair...we "swam" at our neighbors wading pool on Saturday and Sunday. And today we head home for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing our friends Amy, Nikk and Owen who are in town from Colorado...and visiting with family at my cousin Nick's graduation party...also seeing the girls from high school for Abby's bachelorette party and celebrating Father's Day!!!
OK...until next week!
Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Almost 9 weeks...

I'm not afraid of any stinking tornadoes!!!
Big smiles...
Um, why did Jimmy just drop this red thing in my lap?

Hi everyone,
I'm putting up a new post a day early this week because Casey and I are headed to Myrtle Beach with Aunt Dit early tomorrow morning. Casey has had her ladybug swimsuit packed since she's heard this trip MAY have been a possibility! ha ha.

All is going well down here. Yesterday was quite an exciting day as we had Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm warnings all day/night. Casey, Jimmy and I spent about two hours in our basement yesterday afternoon. There were reports that a small tornado touched down somewhere in Falls Church. Scary!! For those of you who know me pretty well, I'm am petrified of tornadoes, so I was exhausted by the end of the day yesterday!

Casey has continued with her sleeping through the night pattern. I generally can get her down around 11:30pm and she'll sleep all night until about 6 AM. It's been great!!!

I guess that's about it...I'll be sure to update with pictures from our Myrtle Beach trip next week. Enjoy these few pictures from yesterday. If you didn't get the Snapfish photo album from her Baptism this past weekend, let me know and I'll send that to you!


Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim