Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10

Happy 6 months, Kendall! We all love you so much!!!

Kendall REALLY likes to eat. We haven't found anything she doesn't like, but she got a rash two times that I fed her squash? Weird, huh? So no squash for now!
This is where Casey chose to have a temper tantrum last Sunday. I was afraid the neighbors would think I wouldn't let her in the house. She refused to come in and I just let her go until she got up and came in on her own accord. She's a spunky one!

Casey teaching Kendall the ropes! (hopefully she'll skip over tantrums!)

It is, perhaps, one of the toughest jobs I have--trying to get them both to look at the camera at the same time! Hahaha!


Sleeping beauty number one...this is how she fell asleep during her nap the other day! So sweet!

And the other sweetie!
I SOOO know that expression...looks just like her big sister here!!!

Daddy and Kendie!

Casey is getting around VERY well these days - cast and all!

Check out the video!
So all else is well down here. Weather is warming, bugs are out, and we are great!
I promise to write another, longer blog post later, but dinner is in the oven, Casey just walked outside barefoot (well, one of them) and Kendall is squawking away in her exersaucer!

Love to all~~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and James