Friday, May 4, 2012

Last of the updates!

5 and a half months

Ready for pictures at dance...they are doing "I just can't wait to be king" from the Lion King

Showing us her tail!

Love this picture of Casey and Paige!

Smiles :-)
Opening Easter presents!  Thank you!!!

The best Easter presents!!!


Our best attempt at a family shot!

Loves her bubblies!
Am I doing this right???!! (like her hair???)

The big sister helps out!

The bunny was good to us!

Pom Pom's -- Hurray!

Big smiles!!!
So excited!

Ready, set, HUNT!

She did great considering she was surrounded by a bunch of rude adults!

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought!

Not so sure what this is all about!
Heading out for some Easter fun!

Creating an Easter Cross

Milking a "cow".  Kendall just kept mooing...

Riding a big old horse!

Almost time to hunt eggs!

More May updates!

Lucky girl

Her beautiful cake.  Thanks to Aunt Dit and Uncle Fred for going back out for the second cake.  The first one was graciously picked up by Grammy and Pappy only for us to discover that is was NOT her cake!  AHHH!!  But boy was it delicious!

Happy 4th Birthday, Casey!

Happy Birthday, to you!

Aunt Heather, Uncle Craig and hit the jackpot with this gift!
All the princesses outside enjoying their royal cheese curls

SO much fun

A good picture to save and show her prom date

Soaking it all in

Kendie at her sister's princess party.  She was a little under the weather...

The Princess has arrived

Her castle!

All set up!

Oh my!
Dierks takes the stage

He was really awesome

Casey had a blast.  Her favorite part of the night...getting cotton candy ;-)

So much fun...and an awesome setting!

During the finale
Not feeling great on her birthday...but she LOVED her Belle shirt from Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Joey and Dyllan

The girls on a "boat" ride at the outlets!

Eating at Red Lobster for her birthday.  Yep, she ate a lobster tail and she loved it!

We had them bring her a cake and sing.  She was a little embarrassed :-)

At the Dierks Bentley concert.  What an awesome night!  This was Will Hoge the opening act!
Casey and Kendall playing on the porch

Our azalea's.  I will miss them next spring!

Casey at her Easter egg hung at school

All done hunting!

On her 4th birthday, she woke up sick :-(
Parris Island Sky

High Heeled Princess

At dance

Silly Face


Tapping some more

Best friends!
How Kendall liked to go through the tunnel of fish!

Having a snack--or "nack" as she says

Stretching at dance

So sweet...Paige did NOT want her picture taken! haha

Walking on tip toes