Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4

 Self explanatory.  Crazy that I took this picture almost 3 weeks ago...because this coming weekend, she will be 7 weeks old. 
 Sweet little snuggler!
Sort of a smile here.  She smiles a lot more these days, but usually while I'm changing her diaper.  Kind of hard to capture while I'm busy wiping up poo!!!
Sweet dreams!

Sweet profile!

Getting ready for the Fresh Beat Band to start!

And she danced and danced...

and danced some more!!!

And she got a Fresh Beat Band Tee Shirt, too!!!

Casey got to go to her first college football game with Daddy a few weeks ago.  Penn State played UVA and unfortunately, the Nittany Lions lost. 

First day of school.  I can assure you that I did NOT direct her to pose in any of these photos.  She is just naturally sassy. 

All smiles!

Ready to go!

Here is where she hangs her bag!

Outside school...

And waiting in line to "wash her hands" with magic soap before starting the day!

The Kilian's fishing outing.  Of course, Casey caught her first fish (a large mouth bass) after I took Cami and Kendall home!  Yay Casey! 

Kendall's 2nd birthday.  She got a flashlight!

and a Tinkerbell costume!

She got clothes for her Lolli Cat. 

Singing to the birthday girl!


and she gave up on silverware and dug in face first.  Atta girl!!!

Birthday breakfast!

Opening gifts with Aunt Dit!

Trying on winter clothes!  Looks like an Eskimo!

Getting belated birthday gifts in the mail! 

Thanks Misty, Madison and Seth! 

Kendall started falling asleep while we were fishing. 

She does a lot of this lately.  Terrible two's anyone??! 

So I leave Casey's clothes for school out for her the night before.  Kendall took it upon herself to dress herself in Casey's skirt overnight and this is how she got out of bed one morning. 

Casey had to draw a picture of her family at school.  I thought it looked like too many people.  It isn't.  Yikes!!!!  ha ha ha!!

The girls at Casey's school spaghetti dinner!

How old are you, Kendall!?  Two.  That is her interpretation of two fingers. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September update part 2

 First Pedicure
 One last look at our house in Beaufort.  So many memories!
 Casey mastered jumping off the rocks.  We were so proud!
 And Kendall mastered walking around the house with a blanket over her head.  Again, so proud...ha!
 The Kilian Patriots on July 4th
 Casey enjoyed 2.5 dozen clams on July 4th.  I think she really may be part mermaid!
 Kendall loves CHOCICK...A LOT!
 Casey very bravely fed a HUGE giraffe at the Wild Animal Safari!
 Little llamas!
 Guess what color ICEE Kendall ate?!
 Casey learned to swim this summer!!!
 Kyle was teaching the girls about the life cycle of the may fly!
 And Kyle took over some of the cleaning activities for me this summer...I had to document ;-)
 Afternoon Polo Match.
 The girls enjoying the summer day at the Polo Match.
 Going swimming at a lake!
 Our monkey just hanging around.
 She got bangs!
 Looking like a little fashionista!
 Feeding ducks, geese and swan.  Kendall will tell you that a swan bited her bingy.  (Swan bit her finger).
 Payton Reichl made an appearance in C'ville this summer on her families' way home from another wonderful trip to Duke!
 Less than one week before we got meet Cami! Doesn't look so bad from this angle.
 Then you get to check out this angle!  Yikes!
 Sleepy smiles!
 Wide awake!
 Who doesn't sleep NEXT to their bed with their red Snow White heels on?!
 Sweet Cami!
 Wearing mommy's shoes!
 Can't wait to play with her sisters!
 And now we sleep "Nakin"...(well with a diaper and sparkly shoes).  I'm frightened for her teen years!
 The girls also got a visit in with their cousin Dyllan this past weekend!
 Kyle's b'day gift from Joe and Linz!  I LOVE this!  It is my favorite gift Kyle got this year (ha ha ha!)
 Awake again!!
 This was the beginning of our move to VA.
 Casey enjoying time in the tree house (in VA).
 Sharing at its finest going on at the Kilian's.
First real pigtails!
This should be a video of Cami sleeping and moaning, but it wouldn't let me preview!?!