Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14

Hey all!

Again, I apologize for not blogging for quite awile...the people I live with keep me VERY busy! Haha! I'll let the pictures tell most of the stories this time. I have two hungry girls right now who are nearing the end of playing nicely while I worked on the uploading and captioning these pictures this morning!

I also apologize that these pictures are kind of out of'll see them jump back and forth from one event to another and back again, but I just didn't have the time to rearrange them...thought it'd be better that you get to see them in any order than sometime next May...ha ha ha!
Miss you all and we'll be in PA from 7/21-7/31!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy

Casey and her friend Paige at a street concert in Port Royal. This was the night of Casey's first sleep-over. She stayed at Paige's house and had a blast!!
Casey and her best-friend, Hattie. Hattie moved to Virigia Beach in June. We miss her so much and looking at this picture has made me shed a tear on more than one occasion.

This is the alligator that lives in the pond down the street from our house!

Casey at her Vacation Bible School Program.

Her group sang three songs!

And then they sang a song with ALL the kids who attended. She attended VBS at Parris Island because our church didn't offer it for her age group. She LOVED it. The church that put it on did a fantastic job and I hope we are still here next summer so she can do it again!

Kendall at our neighbor Charley's first birthday party!

Kendall playing with Elise's toys on the Fourth of July!

All the girls playing in the wading pool on July 4th!

Kendall loving Elise's swing!

Jimmy at the July 4th community parade in our neighborhood!

The participants behind us...

The participants ahead of us...

Casey is all ready to "parade" around the neighborhood.

So is Kendall!

All decorated for the parade!
(and I think Casey is saying the pledge here!)

so sweet!

More VBS pictures!

Casey and McKenzie--her friend from VBS (we've known her for awhile) and they will be classmates this fall at Sea Island Day School, too!

Casey at gymnastics--in her skating dress! HA!
Saying that she LOVES gymnastics is an understatement. She would go everyday -- even in this gym which is NOT air conditioned!!!


Kyle singing karaoke on a recent trip to the "Filling Station"!

Kendall eating lunch on 7/4/11

First day with pigtails in!

Kendall and daddy at the sandbar...we've discovered the sandbar in the nearby creek and LOVE to head out here with friends on the weekends. The kids play on the beach and the adults get to relax and enjoy the weather, water and have some fun, too!

Kyle as the Commander of Troops at his bosses' recent change of command ceremony.

He finishes up his stint as a Battalion XO on Friday (7/15) and begins his new job as the Director of the Law Center on 7/18!

Cherry Blossom Girls!

Casey at the SandBar

Sitting in her laundry basket!

Approaching the sandbar!
Good times waiting to be had!

First day of gymnastics on the big beam!
She consistently tells us the beam is her favorite, but still doesn't like to let go of her coach's hand and walk herself on the big beam.

All by herself on the little beam!

So yeah, it has been HOT down here. For it to register 103 on the car means the heat index was probably around 110. YUCK!

Casey's new big girl bed! She LOVES it--it has a guardrail (not pictured here)...but she has done great in it!

The Kilian Family at Kyle's going away lunch!

Kyle giving his "speech" at his going away lunch.
He's not going far, but it's nice that he was still recognized for all his hard work!

Kendall's first trip to the Island Playground. Here she is playing with our neighbor, Alex. She LOVED it!

Casey and Sierra (our other neighbor) jumping!

Kendall playing soccer...ha ha ha!

Love this picture...pure joy!

Getting ready to try it out!

Aww....getting tuckered out!

Kendie and Sierra on the slide!
Later on during our trip, I took Kendie down the "big" blow up slides and she loved it--I ended up with two skinned elbows--but worth it when your baby is giggling uncontrolably!!!

Kendall played with the baby in the mirror for quite awhile! Ha!

My little patriot. Minutes after this picture was taken, she needed a wardrobe change due to "diaper blowout"!!!