Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorating

The mantle
The winning photo from our Christmas Card photo session...

Someone was not behaving during the photo shoot...and for once, it wasn't my four legged child!

Dad! Where's the turkey??

Stockings :o)

Ready for my Thanksgiving dinner...


You might be a redneck if you have a picture like this one!
We got a BIG tree this year!
Empty boxes=so much fun we lose our tops!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it's been awhile. We've had a LONG month. Busy with volunteering, starting up an AVON business and trying to get Casey 100% healthy.
Volunteering is great and a lot of fun. I did my first family day (the day before recruit graduation) this month and it was so neat to see all the anxious families so proud of their new Marines!

I decided to give selling AVON a shot. If you or someone you know would be at all interested in ordering or selling AVON check out my website: Orders can be placed online now and sent directly to you! Shipping costs are very low and there are always lots of promotional deals!!!

Casey had that nasty stomach bug at the beginning of November and soon after developed a bit of a cold. Well, she's run low-grade fevers on and off, had a drippy eye, and complained of ear we've had a bit of a rough go with her. She's remained in pretty good spirits, but it stinks when your little one just isn't quite right. Hope we are on the upswing now!

We decided to decorate early for Christmas this year because we are headed to PA on 12/19. We wanted to enjoy our decor for as long as possible...and we had the Kilian's here for Thanksgiving so it was nice to show them our house all "decked". Casey is really so much fun this Christmas. She sees decorations and lights and she says "WOW!!!" She is a huge fan of trees and knows who Santa is now, but is not too sure of the big guy in person. She slapped high five w/Santa at the Savannah mall, but wouldn't sit on his lap. And there was a Santa at our Batallion Christmas party that should wouldn't even go near the side of the room he was on. But she talked about him and the books she got from him for the whole next day. "Santa...books".

Kyle and his dad had a very successful Thanksgiving Day fishing trip. They caught lots of redfish and Kyle even brought one home. We grilled it up for Black Friday breakfast and it was yummy.

Not too much else to share.

Hope to see some of you over the Christmas. We should be home from 12/20-12/28.

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jimmy

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