Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Cousins...Payton and Casey.
Santa brought me a new (kissen or tichen) kitchen! WOW!
The Reichl's, The Getz's, The Kilian's
Cousins: Casey, Alex, Jacob, Jon, and Pat
Sit and Spin...note that she has already taken off her dress.
Prior to disrobing. Casey and Payton admire the sit and spin.
Opening gifts at the Kilian's on Christmas morning.
Family picture on Christmas Eve
Cousins: Casey, Hannah, and Mia
Happy in the snow!
Not so happy in the snow...

Hi Everyone,

We are back from our whirlwind adventure in the land to the North (well, ok...we are back from our trip to PA) was an eventful trip! We were set to leave on Friday 12/18 and drive overnight. Mother nature had other plans and due to the monster blizzard the northeast got hit with, we chose to postpone our travel. We ended up leaving on 12/19 and drove to Stony Creek, Va (just south of Richmond) and stay at a hotel. Now we were traveling without the pack and play so Casey and I had the joy of sharing a bed. She thought it was fantastic that you could get in and out of bed whenever you liked and did so until 1:30 AM! We got up on Sunday morning and hit the roads (snow covered and all) around 8AM and didn't arrive in Nazareth until 4pm! Casey was a great traveler in the special thanks to the portable DVD player along with Peter Parker and MJ (I think she watched SpiderMan 3 at least 3 times!!!)

Our time at home was great, very hectic, but in retrospect, we are so thankful to have such a big, loving group of family and friends surrounding us at the Holidays (and always).

Casey got to play in the snow for the first time. She HATED wearing snow boots. She didn't want to walk in them and that made it kind of hard for me to carry her in all her bulky clothes, plus the saucer up the hill for a ride. She LOVED the snow though!

Kyle and I had a great anniversary dinner at Mama Nina's in Bethlehem. The food was awesome and it was so wonderful to get through a meal without having to cut up someone elses food or wipe dirty hands!

Casey really enjoyed her Christmas. I finally got her to sit on Santa's lap on Christmas Eve day at the mall! Woo hoo. She was not a huge fan of opening her own gifts. I'd hand them to her and start to pull at the paper. She'd give it one feeble attempt and look at me and say, "Is stuck" I opened most of her gifts again this year. Of course, she was super excited about what was inside!

Our ride back to Beaufort took longer than the ride up (and we were driving in perfect weather conditions)...We split the drive in two parts again. Casey was not as happy for this trip and kept saying, "Home"..."Home"....I felt bad for her and then 10 minutes from our house, she finally fell asleep. Of course, this ruined my plan of walking her in the door to show her the new kitchen Santa brought her down here. Oh well, when she awoke from her mini-nap, she came downstairs and was surprised just the same. She even woke up this morning and asked for her "tichen"/"kissen" so I think we did well!

Now we are are anxiously awaiting the news that my brother Joey and his wife Lindsey are new parents. Lindsey is due on January 10, so I hope to return to PA sometime in late January to see my new niece!

That is all for wishes to everyone in the new year. We aren't doing anything too exciting down here, so if you are out having a blast tonight, have some extra fun for us :o)

Love you all~~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, and Jim

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