Friday, December 11, 2009

More December

Casey's Christmas present--I put it together myself! (The doors work and everything)
I can't wait to give it to her!!!

Reading her new "Blue's Coos" book from Santa at the Battalion Christmas Party!

There was even a bounce house at the Christmas Party.

Casey did NOT want to sit on Santa's lap...
So she watched him from across the room.

The Lyceum at Parris Island (our Battalion Christmas Party!)

Casey wearing the antlers ;0)

And Casey wearing a tin as a makes a wonderful sound on hardwood floors!

Hi Again~

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2010 is to update my blog more regularly. So I thought I try it out early and add a few more posts on here before 2009 winds down!

Let's see...we had another stormy Wednesday down here this week. Two Wednesdays in a row now we've had severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches/warnings. Yikes. I was in the middle of baking cookies with Christmas music on, all my lights on, feeling very festive...and I thought I heard thunder. I flipped on the weather channel and low and behold we were under a Tornado Warning until 2:30pm. WHAT? It's December!!! I miss the Northeast more than ever right now. I am REALLY hoping that Casey gets to see some snow while we're home over Christmas! Keep your fingers crossed!

I volunteered at Family Day yesterday for 1st Battalion/Delta Company. I LOVE doing this! It is so exciting to see the families come in and they are oozing with pride and anticipation of seeing their new Marine for the first time in 3 months! And then the few that come back into the Visitor's Center the Marines are released for the can just sense the overwhelming emotions that are going's awesome. Graduation is probably the only other thing that tops this. Grown men crying--so proud of what their sons/daughters have become. If you are ever thinking of visiting us while we are stationed here, try and make it on a Thursday/Friday when there is a graduation. It is so moving.

What else??!! Getting things ready to pack up and hit the road to PA next Friday night. Can't believe it's just a week away! OH...and for those of you who I told the "shake your butt" story to...(I though Casey was walking around dancing and saying "shake your butt") I have decoded the sounds--Sake a bah, to .....(drumroll).......................................................

Jingle Bells. And she was dancing because she wanted to hear the song and dance to it. Silly mama!!! Woops!

Well, enjoy the pictures and see you all soon~~

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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