Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give the doctor update from our appointment yesterday!

Kendall was 7lbs 6oz at birth and 20 inches. She was 6lbs 15 oz when we left the hospital.

At her appointment 2 days after we left the hospital -- she was 5 days old, she weighed 7lbs.

Yesterday, when she was 18 days old, she weighed 8lbs 10oz!!! Chub! They also measured her at 22 inches long (which I can't believe that she grew 2 inches) either her birth measurement was off, or they were off yesterday. The way they do it is kind of open for error, but regardless--our little Kendall is growing well!

Nothing else too remarkable...enjoy the picture of the two girls!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall, and Jimmy

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The Getz's said...

Wow, I love that pic of the two of them...SO CUTE. Joey is excited to meet Kendall this week. I'm sorry Dyllan and I won't be there. I told him to take some pics :)