Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25

lounging in the sun...trying to clear up a little jaundice
Cinderella and her little sister...

These fingers sure are delicious!

Haning out in the rocking chair!

Sleeping peacefully!

So excited to hold her sister!

Arms up ... all relaxed!

Daddy and the girls =)

Wide awake!

On the playmat!

Princess Casey

Oink, oink, Zoo Pals!

Trying out big sister's princess chair!

Being a baby is tough work!

Fingers all folded up!

Skinny little legs!!!

First bath!! She cried at first and then loved it!

Rub a dub dub!

Casey loves her who-hair!

Love this position!

A rare glimpse of the fussy Kendall!

Sleeping with her hand up in the air!!!
Early morning family shot!
Casey and Chance!

Hi All~~~

Just a quick update...we are all doing great down here. Kendall is continuing to be a very good baby. She still hits a fussy point each night for a few hours where she has trouble settling back in after a feeding...but for the most part, we are sleeping pretty well and enjoying being a family of four.
My parents came down to visit this past week and were a great help. I will miss having them here this week for sure, but looking forward to starting to figure it all out!
Kendall goes for her 2 week check at the doctor this Tuesday, anxious to see how much weight she's gained! She certainly likes to eat! ha ha!
Casey is loving her little sister, school, and we are all crossing our fingers for some cooler weather soon so we can enjoy being outside!
Also...for all the fishermen and women following our blog, Kyle and my dad went fishing this past Sunday with our neighbor, Charlie and had a wondeful day catching lots of BIG redfish! They were very happy with their day!
Ok--hope to update again soon!
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy

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