Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25th

Baby Shower given by my friends, Allison and Ginger, here in Beaufort!
So sweet =)

Love the little pink zebra outfit!

Casey and Paige check out the tub toys =)

Tub toys =)

Little patent leather shoes =)

So thankful for all the diapers -- they'll definitely be put to good use...ha ha!

The "big kids"....McKenzie, Jake, and Casey

The food--YUM! Everything was soooo good!

And my very talented friend, Stacy, MADE this cake - diaper bag cake complete with a little blue fondant dress and shoes =) She is awesome and the cake was too!!!

Fireworks on opening night at the Beaufort Water Festival!

Pop and Casey waiting for fireworks!

Casey patiently waiting some more!

Hi all~
Hope you all are doing well. We had a busy July. My parents arrived on Wednesday night July 14 and stayed with us until Monday evening the 19th. We had a lot of fun: swimming, shopping, the guys got to fish, and we managed to squeak in an afternoon at the beach, too!
Not too much else going on here. Casey got her pre-school teacher assignment and supply list the other day in the excited for her (and she is too). We bought her glue sticks last night at WalMart (on her supply list) and she just BEAMED carrying them through the store! ha!
I'm feeling pretty good. Getting more tired and having some nausea again (woo hoo)...but otherwise doing well. My friends down here put together a Celebration of Baby Kendall this past weekend and it was just so nice. Casey really enjoyed going to her baby sister's party, though she had a little trouble understanding why the guest of honor wasn't "coming out" of my belly to enjoy the party--and especially the cake! ha!
Well, hope you are all well~ we have another doctor appointment this week. I'll be 32 weeks on Tuesday and we'll let you know if there's anything exciting to share, but since I'll just be starting my 8th month, I think we have some time yet--especially if Kendall is anything like her big sister (who needed a little assistance in making her entrance into the world!)
Take care ~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Kendall, and Jimmy

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