Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th

Last night of swim class!
Casey has the ball!!!


I can pedal my bike now...but I'm still not so great at steering!
Painting a masterpiece!


Hi all~~~
Things are good here in Beaufort. Not too much new going on. We just finished up our last night of swim class last night. Casey is learning a lot and really enjoying swimming. She's pretty much doggy paddling on her own with her water wings on. She's wants to do EVERYTHING on her own right now...go potty, wash her hands, buckle her seat belt, etc. She's a piece of work!!!
I'm feeling pretty good...Jimmy's still got a cough now and again from his bout with kennel cough...and Kyle's only got two weeks left at 2d Battalion until he moves over to Support Bn.
We are pretty sure we are going to be putting our condo on the market within the week. We are hopeful that the HAP program (gov't program for active duty military that works similarly to a short sale with the gov't acting as the bank...) we will sell and have to put minimal money down out of our pocket...maybe none at all!!! If we can get rid of that mortgage with virtually unscathed, we'd be thrilled!!!

We'll keep you posted on us...hoping to head to Myrtle Beach this weekend!

Happy Memorial Day all!!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Sister, and Jim

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