Monday, May 10, 2010


Here SHE my favorite picture of the day! Her perfect profile, little hand above her head, and in the far left of the picture is her knee--she was all tucked up!
Top picture in this group is of her profile...and bottom is also her profile, with her mouth open wide and her little hands flapping around!

Top picture in this group is her big foot (3.2 cm long!!) and bottom shot...well, that's what told us she was, in fact, a she. Those 3 lines tell it all!

Mother's Day outing to Old Sheldon Church ruins...Casey and Kyle pump some water!
Casey...not too excited to get her picture taken!

"Inside" of the church

Approaching the pretty.

Closer view of the whole church

Casey...she later told us this was a castle...We then talked about weddings being held there, etc. We asked her who she's marrying...her answer, "Prince Charming".

Mean girl. ha ha!

Hope everyone is well!
Found out today that baby sister is really baby sister! So excited! Baby looked great. She weighed 13 oz. and had a heartbeat of 143...
I had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Kyle and Casey took me to breakfast, then to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins (about 20 minutes from here). It was breezy and beautiful...a perfect day for pictures and exploring. Then we got home and I went the pool for awhile (ALONE!!!!) Kyle made a delicious steak dinner and it was a very relaxing day. Now -- to pack and get ready for our trip up to PA tomorrow!

Hope to see some of you soon~~
Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby Sister, and Jimmy

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The Getz's said...

YAY!! Another girl in the family. Congrats. Casey is going to be such a good big sister. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow :)