Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19

Dyllan, Casey, and Payton.

So big!

At Tasha and John's wedding

The bride and groom!
Walking down the aisle! SO pretty!

Little traveler!

She LOVED pulling her own bag!

HI all~

Just a quick update. All is well here. We just got back from what was probably our last visit to PA until the holidays. It was a nice trip, went too quickly! We had pictures of the three Getz grandchildren together which was really fun, we went to my friend from high school (Natasha Heard's) wedding, and we were home to celebrate Payton's first birthday with her.

Now we are back to the day to day down here. I had a dr. appt for baby K today that went well. Heartbeat sounded great and all else was well. Jimmy has kennel cough from his trip to the kennel. We were at the vet for him after my appt and he is on cough medicince and antibiotics. Poor boy. Casey was back to swim class last night and she loves swimming more than ever. She really does well. Hoping Kyle will get to come with us next Thursday and take some pictures!

OK...well hope you enjoy the pictures and talk soon~

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby K, and Jim

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