Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give everyone an update. Yesterday afternoon we had a pretty bad thunderstorm. A huge tree was uprooted in the church play yard directly behind our house which knocked another tree on to our roof. The tree was enormous and came through the roof landing mainly in the bathroom and part of my closet in our bedroom.
When I heard there we storms coming, I took the baby and Jimmy down in the basement with me. I heard a huge crash on our house and hoped for the best. However, I soon head rainwater dripping and went to the kitchen to find the ceiling leaking. I looked up the stairs to the second floor and saw the whole bathroom celing caved in. I immediately took the dog and the baby to our neighbors. I called Kyle and 911.
Basically we have a gaping hole in the roof over the bedroom and bathroom. Our house was deemed unihabitable by the county inspector. Nothing in the baby's room or our guest room was ruined. The dining room and living room are seemingly ok. The kitchen has major water damage to the ceiling, which in turn was leaking down into the basement rec-room. The firefighters (who were incredibly helpful and so nice) carried all of our dresser drawers downstairs for us and packed up our closets, too.
Long story short, Casey, Jimmy and I are all at my parents in PA. They came down last night and we packed up a bunch of things and got home at 2AM last night. Kyle is still down in VA waiting to hear from the insurance adjustors so we can hopefully get the ball rolling to have the tree removed and find out how long it will take to get the house back to where someone can live in it. We are already thinking that we may begin the search for a new rental property in the area. We'll see.
The main thing is that we are all safe and the only things (and I stress that they are only things) that we lost are our bed, the baby's pack and play and probably our dressers and some clothes.
If you need to get a hold of us, use our cell phones for now. Or send me an e-mail at katie.kilian@yahoo.com

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Tricia Wikert said...

glad all are safe and sounds - was great to see all the new pictures!!!