Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving :) :)

View from master bedroom balcony
Front of house

Hi Everyone,

Because it seems like we can't ever have a dull moment in our lives, we have decided to move. We found out yesterday that our insurance will only cover two more weeks of hotel/short term housing bills. The contractor working on our current rental home has not even started work and was quoted as saying it was a four month job but he could probably get it done in 90 days. We just can't wait around in limbo that long. So we found this house on the western shores of Maryland in a little town called Shady Side. The house is right on the bay. We have a boat slip and magnificent views. The home is immaculate and we will probably never have an opportunity to live somewhere like this again. Our actual move in date is 7/15. We will begin taking some of our things from storage over sooner than that...we are excited, but the whole moving process is always bittersweet. Especially when it is something you hadn't planned on. But everything happens for a reason. Please come and visit soon. Enjoy these few pictures :)

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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