Friday, May 30, 2008

8 weeks...

At her first Memorial Day picnic at Abby's house! (This was one of the few times that she catnapped that day.) She didn't want to miss any of the party!!!
Loving the Exersaucer playmat!!!
Movie Star!!!
First tummy nap, I watched her the whole time!!!


Well, we are almost at the two month mark. I can't even believe it. Casey is doing very well. Since we have started her on the Xantac for reflux, Kyle and I both feel that she is having much easier evenings. She is still a little fussy, but NOTHING like what we were seeing. She's also sleeping longer and longer streches at night. YAY!!!

We had her pictures taken at Sears this past Tuesday and they came out gorgeous. If you want to see the proofs, e-mail me and I'll give you the log on information. She smiled and performed very well for the photographer, I was so impressed with her!!!

Last night we had a visit from our friends Kate, Erik and Carolyn. Casey was a very good baby during their visit (over dinner hours, no less!!!)

We are headed home to PA this weekend for her baptism, so it will be nice to visit family and friends again up there!

Enjoy these pictures!!!

Katie, Kyle and Casey

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