Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy six weeks :)

In her crib staring at the ladybugs :)
How funny are these ladybugs???
Wow...I could just stare all day :)
What is that guy singing about???

Hi All:
Today, Casey is six weeks old. Can you believe it??!!

All is well. We are working on a nighttime schedule, so that she gets used to sleeping more in her bassinet between the hours of 8pm and 12am in hopes that she'll start fussing less and sleeping more. It worked well Wednesday night, but not so much last night.

Casey is very obviously seeing better these days. She discovered the TV yesterday and is just hilarious watching it. She just smiles and coos and laughs! It is so cute!!! We also took a walk yesterday in her stroller and faced forward and she stayed awake for the whole walk and just watched everything!!! Her other favorite place is in her crib staring at her ladybug mobile.

Enjoy these pics of her discovering the world around her!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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