Saturday, April 12, 2008

Casey - 1 week, 1 day

Hi everyone,

I just read my last post and I'm sorry that I haven't updated sooner!!! We checked out just fine at her last doctor appointment. Her bilirubin levels were WAY down and she'd gained back all her weight, plus an ounce (7lbs. 7 oz.). So we are finally really settling in at home. She continues to have her "good" nights (where Mommy and Daddy get to actually sleep some of the time) and "bad" nights (where little or no sleeping gets done by anyone except MAYBE Jimmy!!!)

She is just adorable, no matter how much sleep anyone is getting. I'm including four new pictures of her. We visit the doctor again for a routine 2 week visit on Thursday, so I'll try and post again after that.

Thanks to all of you for your beautiful cards and gifts. We certainly appreciate your thinking of us :) :)

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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Kristin said...

Awesome, congratulations again!! Dan got your text message on the day she arrived. She is so precious. Glad to hear she has recovered from the jaundice. As I type this message, Luke is crawling like a bullet across our living room floor and pulling himself up on everything... It is hard to believe how fast they grow.. Take Care...