Thursday, April 17, 2008

almost two weeks!!!!

Hi everyone...

Our little Casey is almost two weeks old now. We went for her two week check up today and she weighs 8lbs. 4oz. She gained almost a pound from one week ago!!! Needless to say, she eats well! She also checked out clear with the jaundice. She's been less fussy the past few nights and we're hoping to keep her on that trend.
This past week she's been out and about in the DC area...she went with us to the Fish Market with Grandma and Pappy Kilian, Nan Getz and I took her grocery shopping and to the Mall, and Kyle and I took her to Costco today. She's a very good shopper :) :)

We've had a lot of visitors: Grandma and Pappy Kilian, Grandma Hofschild and her friend Ave, The Dapkiewicz family, Nan Getz, Shannon O'Malley, and Jen Pijor. Uncle Joe and Aunt Lindsey and scheduled to come down this weekend.

Not too much else going on. Enjoy these latest two pictures of our little Casey-bug (and her big brother!!!)


Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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