Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6

Mr. Jimmy Boo Bears catching a quick nap...
My girls in the tub...they love bathtime! Kendall just splashes and splashes!

Kyle and I at his Dining Out in Savannah.

Mother's Day!

Kendie blowing raspberries in her walker.

She LOVES her walker and so do we!!!

Kendall's cake from her baptism celebration in PA.

Pay-pay...hmmm...wondering if she's thinking about "sharing" with her cousin Casey. She very vocally reminded her older cousin to SHARE during our visit to PA...several times!

Awww, Case. Let's tell one good Casey story. Last week she was drawing in her notebook. (I should've started off by saying she was ticked off at me for some reason or another a few minutes earlier)...

I asked her, "Casey, whatcha drawing?" Her reply:
"An ugly, ugly mommy".

Future pianists...Gigi, they want group lessons!


Kendall and her Godmother, Lindsey. I'm so sad that I didn't get a picture of her with both Linz and Joe (her Godfather)...

Mmmmm...baptism cake!

She likes it!

Our trip to Alligator Adventure over Memorial Day!
These were the little guys!

Cerval (sp.)??? So cute, huh!?

Casey petting the giant tortoise!
I don't think she realized it was alive....

Camel...doesn't it look like it's smiling? That or getting ready to spit??!

Sicilian lie, her name was Domenica!

GIANT crocodile!!!

Smile =)

This is Bob. She has no tail. In the wild she would have a 0% chance of survival. I like Bob!

See those guys in the background begging for food??!! We missed most of feeding time because we were in the Serpentarium lie, Casey's favorite part of our visit there!!!


Missing part of his tail...guess it doesn't affect him being around other gators though...

I'm not scared of no stinking alligators...

See...he's not so tough!

Happy girls!

Such a neat place to visit!

I'm pretty sure he/she was winking at me!


First night of tball.

She really enjoyed playing catch with me!

She did pretty well.

Love it!

Sassy...only girl on the team = so proud of her!!! action

Learning how to hit!
Running the bases...this later led to her meltdown of "I just want to go home"...because her coaches were "lelling" at her to "Come on"...
She really likes to feed herself...she's not too good at it.

If if it isn't already obvious...Kendall is totally on the move. Which means that I have little or no free time to just sit down and blog, upload pictures, etc, like I used to. She used to be quite contect to lay on a blanket on the floor playing with toys, while I "blogged" away...not so much anymore. She is now more of a "let's see how much I can do to make mommy crazy" baby. For example, dumping the dog's water bowl repeatedly, trying to climb the stairs, checking out what the electrical sockets exaclty do, stealing Casey's toys, pulling Casey's hair, getting stuck behind an/or underneath various pieces of furniture, etc. It is amazing how they go from one day keeping themselves content in one place to getting into EVERYTHING! Amazing!

During this past month, we were BUSY! Kyle and I had our dining out in Savannah at the beginning of the month...we had a great night! It was a smaller event than last year, but lots of laughs and good adult time! Mother's Day was really nice. We went to breakfast at IHOP, went to church and relaxed at the pool! Just perfect! Then the girls headed up the east coast to visit all of our friends and family in PA. My girls were FANTASTIC travelers. We had no problems, they were very, very well behaved. I am so very lucky! Our trip at home was--well, rainy! I think it rained nearly every day we were there. But we had fun visiting with our cousins and playing with friends. I think the highlight of Casey's trip was a visit to the Disney Store in the Lehigh Valley Mall. I'm pretty sure she thinks that was Disney World...think I'm on to something here!?? That could save us a lot of money this fall!!?? The end of the month we headed up to Murrells Inlet for Memorial Day weekend and got to finally see the finished product of the Genther/Kilian homestead and it is just beautiful. We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend swimming, boating and visiting. Also got to Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach...really nice place. Casey loved the snakes??! WHAT!!???

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope to blog again more and sooner than in a month!!


Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall and Jimmy

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