Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10

Wednesday afternoon photo shoot...
it's hard work...

Princess Casey on her thrown.

fast asleep...

silly, silly girl!

can you find Casey in this picture?

Casey reading to Kendall.

Jimmy was also interested in hearing the story!

Happy 235th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!!!
Hi Everyone~~~

Hope you are all well. We've had an exciting 24 hours down here! Yesterday we woke up at 5AM--very excited because Kendall had gone to bed at 1130 and did not wake up in the night to eat! Yay! Casey got up shortly after our big accomplishment only to go right back to sleep and stay in bed until 730! It started off as a great morning here! Casey went back to school after having a week off for "Fall Break". She was very happy to head back - and she made her first Family Tree and was so proud to give it to me when she got home! While Casey was at school yesterday, I took Kendall to her 2 month check up! She weighed 11lbs 8oz and was 23 inches long. I think the doctor said she was in the 71st percentile for weight and 85th for length. She got all her immunizations and proceeded to just sleep the rest of the day away. Casey and I headed to the Navy Hospital for our flu shots in the afternoon. Kyle and I both have a little cold and Casey had been complaining of a headache, but there were no fevers and we didn't feel that sick. So they administered our shots--end of story...not really. She and I both ended up with fevers last night--hers at 101 and mine at 100. She inevitably vomits every time her fever goes past 100, so she was puking, I was feeling exhausted--it was no fun. She slept on the couch, I tried to sleep on the recliner--and by 7am, she was asking to put on her Cinderella dress! Ha! Kendall and Daddy spent the night upstairs away from Casey and I -- and unfortunately, she didn't sleep through the night for a second night...maybe because she slept so much yesterday??? Oh well. We are having a pj's and movies kind of day here--even though we are both on the mend, I'm soooo tired--enjoying being lazy for the day! Hopefully Kyle will get out of work a little early today, too because he's sick too! We all need a full night of sleep -- maybe in 18 years or so??!!!
My brother is on the mend after his hip replacement surgery. He did great w/the surgery, but then had a reaction to one of the medications he was taking and had horrible headaches for a few days post-op.

My sister and her team of Reichl's Warriors walked in the Race For Hope in Philadelphia this past weekend. They all report it was inspiring and a great success. I believe the team raised over 3,000.00 for the National Brain Tumor Society. Woo Hoo!

What else??? Kyle's aunt and uncle finally sold their house a little over a week ago and are anxious to be all moved out and down in North Myrtle by the end of the month. They are so relieved as are we all that they can now proceed with building their new home in Murrells Inlet. We have a new buyer for our condo in San Diego...old one fell through at the last minute, but thankfully our realtor got a new offer within a week of the old deal falling we wait and wait again for all the paperwork to go through! Ugh...seems like a never ending process, but will be so very worth it in the end.
Some stories:

Kendall is really starting to respond more and more to our voices. She likes to listen to Casey "read" her stories and will "talk" back to her big sister. She's still not a big smiler yet, but when you get a little one, they are too cute for words! She had her first photo shoot at Olan Mills last Thursday and we got a few cute shots that I'm anxious to post...have to wait until next Thursday when I pick up the pictures and photo CD.

Casey--oh Casey. She is a pistol. This past week she asked me, "Mommy, does Baby Kendall have brown hair??" I said, "yes". She asked, "Why" I said, "Well, what color hair does mommy have?" and she said, "Grey." Fantastic, Casey. Just fantastic. She is getting very excited for Christmas and pretty much wants ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she sees in magazines and on commercials--except if it is "for boys"...because she'll say--"that's not for me, that's for boys."

Ok...enjoy the pictures and hope to post again sometime soon!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall, and Jimmy

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