Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24

Kyle's on first.
Getting ready to hit a single.

Batter up!

Strategizing in the dugout.

The cheering section!
Casey and Daddy at the pool on Father's Day!
Love them =)
Our little fish.

We got Casey her first big doughnut. She ate the icing and sprinkles. Ha!

Pure Sass.

Hi everyone,
Sorry it's been awhile. We've been BUSY. Nothing too crazy, just a lot of day to day things! We started back up with our Monday morning playgroup. It's been a lot of fun and great to see some familiar faces there from last fall. It's neat to see Casey interact with the kids this year as opposed to last fall when she played more by herself. And she really loves at the end when they sing and dance! She's a ham. Otherwise, she's doing great. Loving her pool time!

I'm doing well. I'm at the start of my third trimester now and still feeling pretty good. I hope it lasts. We've really started the work on moving the rooms around. The crib is officially out of Casey's room and in the "baby's room"...kind of weird to not call Casey the baby anymore, but something I think we'll get used to quickly! Ha! Baby is still very active...she gives me a lot more heartburn than Casey...that's for sure!
Kyle is enjoying his move over to Support Battalion. He is the executive officer there now instead of Second Battalion. He says it's busy, but so far, so good. And he thinks he'll have more Saturday's free, so that's a plus! His softball team on base, the Pounders, has had a great season and they are playing in the finals tonight...hoping they can bring home the championship! In last nights game, Kyle made the hit that won the game for them and put them in the finals! Woo hoo!
Guess that's about it...The Kilian's arrive next weekend -- anxious to have our visitors begin...hope to see more of you soon!
Miss you all and love you, too!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Baby K, and Jim

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