Friday, April 9, 2010


Laying down, profile view...legs are curled up and crossed here.
Looking right at us...little scary/alien like, I know!

Hard to tell exactly what is what here, but the tech was documenting that the legs were all tucked up and crossed so we couldn't tell at this point what the gender was!
Ready to take the princess helmet off...

Me and my helmet!
Who doesn't just wear there bike helmet around the house all day...Joey?? Sound familiar? At least hers doesn't outweigh her!

Hi All:

Just wanted to add a few new pictures...
All is well down here. After a bit of a storm last night, we have more beautiful weather in the forecast for the next 7 days! (Although, Casey, Jim and I leave for PA on Tuesday, so could you please make sure the weather is nice up there, too!!!)

Yesterday, Kyle and I went for an ultrasound for new baby K as we has some abnormal screening test results...BUT, all looked great w/baby and we are pretty positive it is another baby girl! We are just thrilled that baby is healthy and we'll have a follow up ultrasound in 4 weeks to confirm gender! woo hoo!

Here are some pictures of Casey and her new little sister!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, baby sister, and Jim

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