Monday, April 5, 2010


Painting...and yes, we've lost our dress at this point!

Daddy likes Casey's gifts...he and Alex worked together on the Cinderella picture...
New bike!!!
Paints and paintbrush!

Casey and Alex!

Easter Dress!

Candy in my Easter Basket!

My basket has exactly what I wanted...candy and Spiderman stuff!

Hunting Eggs!

Where are the eggs???

Golf Company Graduation 4/2/10

Happy Second Birthday, Casey...and Happy Easter Everyone!

Had a beautiful day down here yesterday---it has been just wonderful weather this whole past week...if only there were no BUGS!!!
Sherri, Robert, and Alex were staying in Hilton Head this past Thursday-today (Monday the 5th) we got to spend a lot of time w/them. Casey and I went to their hotel twice and Casey got to play on the beach which she LOVES. The guys got to go out fishing on the boat-- no fish, but still think they had a memorable day!

On Easter, Casey got up and hunted eggs, enjoyed her Easter basket and then we all went to a beautiful Easter service at our church. We got home, had a quick snack and I got dinner going. Sherri, Robert, and Alex came for dinner and Casey's birthday celebration. The food was great, Casey enjoyed opening her gifts and LOVED her "princess" cake--which wasn't really a princess cake, but it was pink and therefore, she called it a princess cake!?! LOL!

Anyway, it was a really nice week...even more good weather headed our way, so lots of fun outside planned. And next week, Casey I leave to head to PA (on Tuesday)--we should be there Wednesday! Hope to see ya soon!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, and Jim

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