Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

The Buss cousins came to visit!!

Casey following in Mommy's footsteps!!

5 month birthday!

Three little Kilian's

Kendall looking like a teletubby, getting ready to play in the snow!

Snow fun!

This boy loves the snow!

Child Labor

She was COLD!!!

Getting ready to go cheer on UVA at a basketball game with daddy.

Mermaids in the tub!

She loves being a naked baby on the changing table!

Yup, that is our sweet Kendie.

Puppy Love

She dressed herself.

Doing math!

Cami got her new big girl carseat.  She loves it!

Rainy day at the children's museum!

Dress up at the museum.

Tried to get the three of them together...this was the best attempt.  It makes me laugh every time I see this picture!

More dress up at the museum

Playing at the museum.

Still sassy.

More museum.


They had a blast!

six months!!!

How can this not bring a smile to your face!

USMC museum

Kendall on the yellow footprints.

USMC museum

Making Marines!

Taking a break at the USMC museum

Iwo Jima made of Legos!!!

Little Marines!

Her first belly nap!

Potty training...

Didn't go so well...

Can you tell??

Happy girl!!!

Snow storm!!!

Heavy, wet snow!!

Using her walker now!

She is SOOOO two years old!

Fell asleep at the basketball game!

Hope that was the last of the snow!

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