Monday, September 3, 2012

September 2012

 Dinner with our friends from California back in late May (Beaufort)
 Kendall at dinner...
 Luke at dinner.  The last time we saw him he wasn't quite two!  Wow has he grown!!!
 Luke's little sister Danika.  What a sweetie!!!
 At Harbor Town HHI during a tropical storm!
 Windy day at Harbor Town!

 The family at HarborTown.  I was about 7 months pregnant here!
 The family on the swings at Coligny Plaza on HHI.
 Casey's 2nd last day of school in Beaufort.
 Fun day!!!
 Having an icecream sandwich!

Finishing up her second year at SIPDS.  I was sooo miss this place for her.
 Last "circle" time with her "girls"

 Last day of school!

Last boat ride in Beaufort --SAD!!!
Casey at her recital!!!!
 Last playdate at the downtown park in Beaufort
 Peek!  It's Kendall!
 Mean Casey!
 Casey and her best friend, Kiersten!

 Kendall takes the wheel!
 Little Lion
 So cute!
 Casey and Payton swimming at the Daps!
 Kendall and Uncle Robert!
 Getting brave and trying her first jump off the rocks!
 At Kangaroo Jacks in Richmond!

 All of our Parris Island friends!  Such a fun afternoon!
 At the Wild Animal Safari!

 Here I am at almost 37 weeks!
 When will she get here!?!?
 At an afternoon Polo match/winery in Crozet.
 It was HOT!!!

 At the Downtown Discovery Center!

 AND...I'm in labor!
 Welcome, Camryn Delany Kilian.  Born Sunday 8/19/2012 at 10:56 AM
 She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 3/8 inches long!

 Right after she was "footprinted"!
the girls meet their sister!


 With Gigi
With Pop

 With Aunt Heather!
 With her dad in MY bed!  ha!

 And she's home!!!!

 Cousin Payton!
 She FINALLY got to meet her newest cousin!
 Holding her "baby"

 Oh, Kendall--you ham!

 Casey LOVES to take care of her littlest sister!

 First "wipe up" bath!

 And first real bath...not so much of a fan of this!

 and some mommy love makes it all better!
 Getting ready for an early morning hike with daddy!

 Kendall holding Cami for the first time!

The whole family--minus the dad!

Sorry it's been so long again, but I think I've debugged what was wrong w/my uploading and hoping for easier uploads of pictures from here on out!  I have a bunch of pictures on my phone to upload too...will be working on those next!!!

Love you all!!!

Katie, Kyle, Casey, Kendall, Camryn and Jim

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