Friday, May 4, 2012


At the Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach

They LOVE to slide


Kendie LOVED the fish!

Casey loved being the big sister!
My mom and dad opening the card telling them that I'm pregnant again...

Surprise!  I LOVE my dad's face!!!

Big family, little room

Casey showing Grandma some of her gifts

At 3 months
opening gifts at gigi and pop's

Chancey pants giving kisses to Casey

Kendall excited about her xylophone!

Princess Boots, WOW!

What a cutie...but no Chance, that is not your gift!
Casey the Fairy

Kendie enjoying Christmas day at the Kilian's and Genther's

Santa surprises the girls at the Kilian's and Genther's

Kendall was a little frightened of the big guy!

and then we arrived at the Getz's
The chaos of opening presents begins

Starting her "pile"

Barbie Sing Along DVD...WOO HOO!!!

Casey continues to "attack" while Kendall looks on a little dazed and confused in the background!

Little Fairy!
Baby K #3
Kendie loves to brush her teeth
Casey at dance
The girls meet Santa and Mrs.
Kendie is all ready for church
So is Casey!

Christmas Eve Dinner

She is a little excited for Santa to get here!

All ready for Christmas Eve Church

Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning!!!         

Hi All---
So sorry these are all out of order.  I have had a lot of trouble with the BLOG these last few months.  I figured I would go ahead and at least post all of the pictures I've got saved.  So enjoy them and sorry that they are a scrambled mess!  Hope the captions help!!! 
And be sure to read the next post or so as well because I've had to break all the pictures/posts up so it doesn't overload...ugh!!!

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