Friday, December 23, 2011

December 22 - Part 2

Hi --Here are the rest of our Disney/December pictures!!!  Sorry again that they are out of order...hope the captions help!

 Kendall eating (shocker) completely absorbed with her meal and oblivious to Cinderella's stepmother behind her :-)
 Casey with the stepsister. 
 Oh yes, she was getting silly and TIRED at this point!
These pictures were all at our Dinner at 1900 ParkFare at the Grand Floridian.  It was a dinner buffet (excellent) with the Cinderella cast.
 Getting ready for our breakfast with the Princess.  This was in Norway (Epcot)
 Daddy with his Princesses. 
 The Royal Proclamation inviting us to dine with the princesses!
 meeting Belle on our way in!
 Best part--all the princesses got to participate in a princess parade.  Casey was pretty sure it was just for her!
 Waving like a pro!
 Sleeping Beauty
 Alice in Wonderland
 Princess Jasmine
 With Snow White
 Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc.
 Hugging Sully
 The Little Mermaid Show!  It was really great...and of course, Casey LOVED it!
 Cinderella waiting to go in and see Ariel
The Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom
"Africa" in the Animal Kingdom

Waiting in line for our Safari!

Getting ready to see some big animals!


Baobab Tree with vultures on safari

Giraffe and water buffalo



AWWWW...the CUTEST baby elephant.  He was running toward to water to play with another juvenile elephant.

This rhino was running up on the ostrich! 



We could've watched these tigers all day
 The girls!

Rolling on the grass

He was loving life

Expedition Everest...Kyle and I got to ride this one!
Last day in our hotel :-(

Close  up!  It got really cold toward the last day of our trip!

The Polynesian was so beautiful!


Standing on the monorail platform looking at our hotel
Waiting in line to meet Ariel.  She was totally starstruck and VERY nervous!

Showing Ariel her light up shoes!

Ariel showing Casey her shoes...ha ha ha

Talking with her favorite princess!

Eric and Ariel and the Kilian girls
Daddy joins the picture!

Lunch at the Crystal Palace


Loving that donkey

Hugs for Pooh!
The girls with Tigger!

Clapping with Piglet!

Casey with her Lei and she decided to make it look like she had "flower hair"

The Polynesian
Getting ready to deck the halls!

Kendall was in heaven with all the decorating being done.  Boxes, things to steal...etc!

Happy girl!

Putting the star on the tree


Our first ride over to the Magic Kingdom via water taxi.  Looking at the Grand Floridian.

Looking back at our hotel

Casey is excited!

First glimpse of the castle. 

Kendall loving being on the boat!

Are we there YET!???  Nope, waiting in line!

Yes, Let the Memories Begin!

Entering Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Main Street

Oh my gosh, we are here!

Seeing the castle for the first time. 

The Castle!

Family Picture!

Yes, had to take a picture of it!

Kendall--she was a trooper!

Day 2--getting ready to head back over to Magic Kingdom!

Our hotel from the boat dock

Looking out at the Grand Floridian

Ariel in the Swiss Family Treehouse

Kyle and the girls in the tree house.  Kyle was NOT happy that I stopped to take a picture!


The girls :-)  Happy!

Pirates of the Carribbean!

Kendall fell asleep in line!

Casey--not too sure about getting on this dark pirate ride!

Getting made over as Ariel!

Getting sprayed

And getting her pixie dust

All done...beautiful!

Oh, don't forget the sash!

Tree at the Grand Floridian

Ariel waiting for dinner with Cinderella!


With the step sister
Oh --if things work out we approached the castle for the first time...the princesses were out front putting on a show.  Casey could've just burst with excitement!

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