Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of visitors :(

She brought me the camera and stood there smiling waiting for me to take this picture :)
Jimmy eating his birthday cookie.

Jimmy has us sing Happy Birthday while he patienly waited for his cookie!

Her first pair of Chuck's--they're pink!!!

Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy--

She learned how to climb into her toybox :)

Wearing nothing but my raincoat :)

So on our first trip out on the boat, we ran out of we are waiting (not so patiently) for Kyle and my dad to come back with gas :)

Casey, my mom, Jimmy and I on the boat :)

The boat arrives in SC!

Hi Everyone,

It was a busy few weeks down here for the Kilians. We had a string of visitors from up north...and sadly our last guests (Joey and Lindsey) left this morning. After my mom, Heather, Payton, and Sherri visited the end of July into early mom and dad drove back down with our new boat (the Stay Classy!!!) They arrived the second weekend in August...upon their departure, Kyle's parents and his aunt and uncle arrived to spend the third weekend in August with us. They were able to be a part of Kyle's promotion ceremony on August 14th. (He was promoted to Major--yay Kyle!!!) It was a very nice ceremony and Kyle made a short speech where he recognized all of us---very touching. He even called me his personal drill instructor ;) We all went to a great dinner out for both Kyle's birthday and his promotion...
Joe and Lindsey arrived this past Thursday and stayed with us until the morning. They got to help us celebrate Jimmy's 5th birthday!
The Stay Classy has gotten some good use so far. The guys have caught a bunch of different fish and Kyle is psyched to get out on the water without having to paddle :)
Casey is doing great...I joined a gym and she was having some rough times leaving mommy to go to the nursery while I worked out...but it seems like she may be over that as the last time we went she didn't want to leave :)
Other than that, we are hoping for some cooler weather soon--and also hoping that hurricane season passes us by ;)
Miss you all--we'll be in PA from 9/7--9/14...come and visit us here anytime!

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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