Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Baby Payton!

First day at home!
Gigi, Casey and Payton...

Relaxing at the hospital.

Brand new :)

Landscaping we did out front of our new house :)
Hi everyone,
Glad to share the news that Heather and Craig's daughter arrived on 5/16/09 at about 7:40pm. Mom and baby are home and doing great. I already can't wait to get back up to PA for Memorial Day weekend to see her again. Casey enjoyed meeting her new cousin, although the first time they met and Payton started crying, Casey started crying too...think she was scared! I hope you are all doing well...hoping to get some pictures of the house up on the site soon...just want to hang a few more pictures on the walls first!
Talk to you all soon~
Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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