Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Five Months!

We are...Penn State!
Stretching out...
You can't tell, but I'm completely nude under this towel ;)
Quoits and retrievers don't mix well...
Can you tell how much I love carrots??!

Hi Everyone :)
Just a quick update. All is well in Maryland. Casey had her first ear infection last week. Not too much of a big deal. I noticed she was very fussy on Monday, Tuesday she slept A LOT and then Wednesday she woke up with stuff draining from her ear. She's been on Amoxil and feeling just fine! At the doctor that day she weighed 17lbs, so clearly it did not affect her appetite. She's now eating squash, carrots and sweet potatoes along with her rice cereal in the mornings.

Our Labor Day picnic was not a big one, just a few was HOT that day, but college football in the cool living room was a big hit!!!

Heading to PA this weekend for our friends wedding celebration--CONGRATS Abby and Amaury!

Enjoy the pics--talk soon~

Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jim

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