Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finally an update!!!

Fourth of July Weekend
Playing Kentucky Derby with my dad
Swimming at the indoor pool in NY
Finally at my new house :)
Big Smile :) :)

Hi Everyone!!!
Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Apparently, we've been very busy. Ha ha ha. Casey and I drove down to spend time with Kyle in Virginia for the fourth of July weekend. We spent time packing up our things at the Falls Church house and I made a lovely 4th of July feast in our hotel room at the Marriot Suites...and then we watched fireworks on tv! Fun! We came back to PA on Monday and the end of the next week we drove up to the Finger Lakes area of NY for Seth and Rachel's wedding. It was beautiful up there and the wedding was a blast. It was great to see friends of ours from California. And they got to meet Casey, too so that was nice. We returned to PA for a day and then on Tuesday the 15th, we packed up and Kyle, Casey, Jimmy, Kyle's mom and Kyle's aunt headed down to the new house in Shady Side, MD. Kyle's mom and aunt were a tremendous help in getting the new house all cleaned up as it definitely needed a good scrubbing. On July 19th, the rest of the troops (my parents, brother and cousin Nick) showed up to help us move everything from the Falls Church house to the new house. Of course it was blazing hot, but we got it done with everyone's help. At the end of the night the boys all went swimming in the Bay.

Casey has been doing very well. She is now rolling over from back to belly and I think this is helping her sleep better than ever. In fact, the past few days she's napped so much I've gotten more done around the house than I thought I would. She loves to sit up on our laps and is even standing in her exersaucer for short periods, too! By my measurements, she's about 25 inches long and weighs in the 15lb. range. We go to the dr. on 8/4 for her 4 month check up... can't wait to hear the official word.

All in all, the past month has been a trying one for us, but with all of your support and kindness we're finally settling in to our new home...and it is a great one. Please come and visit soon!!!


Katie, Kyle, Casey and Jimmy

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