Friday, February 22, 2008

35 weeks and counting

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted you all to know that I've created a blog in order to keep everyone up to date on these last few weeks before the arrival of our little girl :) :) I figured it was a good way to spend my first snow day in four years!!! I'll be sure to keep you updated on anything exciting. I will spare you the details of my achy feet and swollen ankles...our next doctor appointment is on 3/3. I'll be sure to post some pictures, too!!!
Take care~~
Katie, Kyle and Jimmy


Seth W said...

For serious!? I can now get Killian Klan updates 24/7, 365? OMGx3.

...and BT-Dubs - Jimmy looks like a show dog in this picture....and the other two humans look decent too.

Glad I could be the first to post with unnecessary sarcasm...

~ Tommy Brady

Lee said...

You look great!! The countdown is on. Sorry to hear about your swollen a few weeks something else will be swollen and sore!!! Love ya, Lee